jdan's alert box

Current price: USD $233

I am selling customized retro style alert boxes cryptographically signed by me (GPG fingerprint: 768D2C99BC3209537C8BF4281DBA4A38F41B58EF, also found here and on keybase). You can purchase one for USD $233, and the price will increase fibonaccily (the price is the sum of the previous two prices: $0, $1, $1, $2, $3, $5, $8, $13, $21, $34, $55, ...). I will be donating half of all proceeds to the AbleGamers charity (though instead of buying one of these you should probably just donate to them directly).

It's kind of like an NFT but without all the weird, ecologically-harmful blockchain stuff.

The first piece was sold to myself for $0 and is pictured below along with its signature.

A window with the title "My First Piece." There is a minimize, maximize, and close button. In the window is the text "Hello, world!" centered and two buttons beneath. They are labeled "OK" and "Cancel" A collection of 5 windows. The first is a screenshot of a retro-styled alert box with the title "My First Piece" and a minimize, maximize, and close button. The body of the window reads "Hello, world!" and there are two buttons beneath - OK and Cancel. Below that is a text file which reads "jdan alert box #0001. This piece was prepared for jdan 768D2C99BC3209537C8BF4281DBA4A38F41B58EF." On the right side there are two stacked windows. The first shows two files: 0.png and 0.txt. The second shows 2 files: 0.zip and 0.txt and a folder titled "0". Beneath that is a terminal window with the following command: "gpg --verify 0.sig 0.zip" and output which includes "gpg: Good signature from "Jordan Scales <scalesjordan@gmail.com>" [ultimate]"
0.zip 0.sig


My name is Jordan (homepage, twitter) and I am passionate about retro UIs and doing things in roundabout ways. This experiment combines those two ideas.

You will receive two files. The first is a zip archive containing your 1600×1600px artwork (png) and a note issuing the work to whatever identifier you provide me (txt). The second is a signature which can be used to verify that the zip archive was created by me and only me. Materials will be mailed to you within 12 hours.

You are free to resell or modify the artwork you purchase, but the signature is only valid for the original work sent to you.



Fill out the form below to customize and make your purchase with Stripe.

The fields are pre-populated to resemble the first piece pictured above. You can change these to your heart's content. Your image will contain exactly what you enter, even if it's blank.

After your purchase the price will increase to $377.

A window with the title "Line 1." There is a minimize, maximize, and close button. In the window is the text "Line 2" centered and two buttons beneath. They are labeled "Line 3" and "Line 4"


Is this a Non-fungible token (NFT)?

No. It's not a token and there's no blockchain. I did the signing myself, rather than getting a wallet and having thousands of miners leave their computers on for a few minutes in exchange for like $80. The signature covers the entire art and who it was made for, and not just some metadata containing URLs that will disappear from the internet

How many of these are you going to make? Are they rare?

I will make as many as I sell. Since the price increases according to the Fibonacci sequence, I will become the richest person alive if I sell 56 of these (after giving half to AbleGamers of course).

Can I resell my art when you become famous and this picture becomes valuable?

Yes. You can sell my signature as if it were any autograph.

Can I buy this with crypto?



Send me an electronic mail and we can probably arrange something.

Why would I buy a picture when you've already made a free CSS library to create these?

You are purchasing the signature.

But can't I just request abcdef...wxyz01234...@!$ so I'll have all the letters to make whatever I want myself?

Damn that's actually pretty clever.

Is this a protest against crypto/NFTs?

No I just thought it would be funny and wanted to learn how to use gpg.